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Why choose photovoltaic solar panels to meet your Part L renewable requirements?

by on February 29th, 2012


As well as the many people buying photovoltaic’s as an investment opportunity, many companies are choosing PV to meet their renewable requirements under the new Part L regulations.

There are quite a few reasons but here is list of the main ones:

  1. Simple to install on any roof area, flat or pitched
  2. Very little maintenance for the client unlike other technologies
  3. Cheaper and quicker to install than other technologies
  4. System parts take up very little space inside a building/inside a plant room
  5. Long term dependable technology with no moving parts
  6. No problems with storage of energy as the excess is sold back to the grid
  7. Government incentives (FIT)
  8. Can help improve the EPC rating of the property
  9. Long lifespan of products (solar panels come with 25 year performance warranties)

Rayotec are able to do SAP calculations to show how much energy (kWh) is created by a proposed system for our customers planning submittal.

What is Part L?

The Government has a requirement that all new homes are to be net zero carbon by 2016 and all new non-domestic buildings net zero carbon by 2019.

To get to be net zero the building must have:

1. High levels of energy efficiency

2. Mandatory level of renewable energy

3. Use of energy efficient appliances

Part L is the part of building regulations that covers the conservation of fuel and power and states the minimum standard in insulation, the allowable area of windows, doors and other openings, air permeability of the structure, the heating efficiency of boilers and the insulation and controls for heating appliances , hot water storage and lighting efficiency. It also states the renewable requirement for the building.

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