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Maintenance and Repair of Solar PV & Solar Thermal Systems

In and around London and the Home Counties

Repair solar panels

You want to know that your solar energy system is working at its best efficiency to provide you with energy, hot water and maximising your Feed In Tariff. Regular health checks will help keep your system in tip top condition to ensure you get the most from of your system.

Rayotec Limited is a family run business now in its second generation. Established in 1987, we have been operating for nearly 3 decades in the renewable energies industry and have installed and serviced thousands of domestic and commercial Solar Hot Water and Solar PV systems throughout the UK.  

We offer cost effective maintenance and repair services for all our own systems and, in addition, we also review Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems installed by other companies. Whether it's a commercial or a domestic system, our experienced team of engineers can conduct simple services from a quick check over to make sure everything is in order to a full in-depth work up to ensure that every aspect of your Solar Energy System is functioning as efficiently and effectively as it can to create clean energy and save you money.

Rayotec is based in the South East of England and offers expert, local advice and servicing for all Solar Energy and Solar Thermal systems at very competitive prices throughout the Home Counties. We service Greater London and the city, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent.

As a long established company we are able to 'group' service calls geographically, allowing us to offer you a high level of service at the best possible price.

With our wide range of experience we can answer all your questions regarding your solar energy system. However, the most common requests we get, in addition to calls for routine services, are regarding:

  • Poor performance
  • Failure of components
  • Storm damage
  • Repairs through insurance claims
  • Re-positioning of panels
  • Change of antifreeze for solar hot water
If you have any questions about any of the above services or should you wish to arrange a routine 'check-up' for your system send us an email through our 'contact us' page or give us a call on 01932 784848. For more information on our specific services keep on reading.

Which Trusted Trader

We underwent a thorough evaluation by Which? Our assessors validated our financial health and examined all of our business procedures to ensure our customer’s interests are always kept in mind.
1 in 4 companies who apply don’t pass the rigorous checks conducted by Which? so we are very proud to have been accepted as a Which? Trusted Trader.

Solar PV Repair & Maintenance

One of the great things about Solar PV is that it doesn’t have a lot of moving parts and so they don't require a huge amount of work to keep them in good working order. Solar panels generally have a warranty of around 25 years with invertors having a warranty of around 5 years for older models and most newer ones up to 10 years. The solar panels on your home don't even need that much cleaning, unless you live in a particularly dusty area or have inconveniently situated bird perches above your panels, we have sufficient rain in this country for the panels to keep themselves pretty clean..

However, if you look after your Solar PV system with regular services you can ensure that you are getting the maximum efficiency and power from your Solar panels, with all the benefits that brings, and make sure that your Solar PV system has a long and happy life, providing you with lots of clean energy and saving you money.

We offer a number of different Solar PV maintenance packages depending on your requirements as well as more in depth fault-finding and repair services.          

Fitter on roof
Comprehensive Service / Health Check

Every now and again we recommend a thorough work-up of your whole PV system, a deep clean to keep everything working at its top efficiency. In addition to doing all the standard checks and controls our engineers will also

  1. Check the invertor for error messages
  2. Check the functional operation switches
  3. Do a complete shut-down test of the invertor
  4. Do a full test and inspection on the AC side of system
  5. Remove the fan housing and clean the fan unit 
  6. Carry out a system performance check

For more information on our services for Solar PV or for a tailored quote please give us a call on 01932 78 48 48 or contact us through our online messaging service

Solar Thermal Hot Water Repair & Maintenance

Solar Thermal Maintenance
There is nothing worse than not having hot water. Regular 'check-ups' of your Solar Hot Water system will help protect it against the damages of hard water corrosion and ensure that you are kept supplied with plenty of steaming water. You can keep an eye out yourself for fluid leaks (antifreeze has a very strong smell) and keep a check on the pressure (every month or so) to make sure it's still within the manufacturers recommended range however a regular once over will make sure that every aspect of the system is kept in full working order for many years to come. 

4 Yearly Service/Antifreeze change

  1. Inspect the solar array for any damage or material failure (if access is available otherwise from ground level visual assessment)
  2. Inspect any visible pipework and insulation
  3. Check the performance of all system valves and controls
  4. Check the circulation of system
  5. Test the quality of anti-freeze fluid
  6. Drain down and dispose of old fluid where necessary
  7. Supply new anti-freeze and re-commission where necessary

What our Customers say....

"Mina and the team at Rayotec are a pleasure to deal with. Any communications are always handled politely and promptly and they are always on hand to offer unbiased advice on various systems with emphasis on customer care. I would recommend Rayotec for any solar needs, be it installation or maintenance"                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - N. Allen, Maintenance and Services Manager.

"Rayotec have been working with us for several years, helping us to continue our aim on reducing our carbon footprint by using Rayotec solar thermal system to heat our hot water requirements. This coupled with Rayotecs after sales service, providing peace of mind for our ongoing maintenance requirements."                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - D. Bowles, Estates Manager.                                       

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