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Tony Woodland, Electrical Contractor

Posted 15 Oct 2013

Tony Woodland has been an electrical contractor for more than 10 years. He has been one of Rayotec's top trade clients for over 3 years.

Tony chose to install electric underfloor heating due to increased customer demand over the past few years. He saw the great potential for increased business if he added the product and installation service to his portfolio.

Out of all the electric underfloor heating systems on the market, he chose the ribbon heating mat because of its innovative, individual design and that it could be used under all floor coverings. As a result of this it meant that he only had to carry one set of underfloor heating stock rather than having to source from other companies and hold a variety of stock. He also loved the idea that the ribbon heating mats did not require a screed or thick self-levelling compound under tiles, wooden or carpeted floors.

When asked how he found working with Rayotec he said:

Fab! Most excellent service from abled personnel.

Tony has never had any problems with orders, as high levels of stock are always kept insuring that no installation is delayed.

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