Underfloor Heating Kit for Under Wood and Carept

Rayoflex High Power Sticky Mat Kit - Prices Below

(under floating floors including laminate, timber, real wood & carpet)

What's Included:
  • Self Adhesive Foil Mat Suitable for wooden floors and carpets*
  • Upgrade to Programmable Touch-Screen Thermostat (further upgrades available at checkout)
  • Commercial strength UFH tape
  • Floor Probe Conduit
  • Free next day delivery (Mainland UK - Highlands may take 3-5 days)

Suitable insulation is essential, not just to get the most efficiency from your underfloor heating, but also to protect the mat from damage - Don't forget to add it at checkout

Sizing guide - Calculating your mat size

We recommend that you choose a foil mat system that covers 80-85% of your free floor area e.g. If you have an area of 10m2 to heat then an 8m2 mat kit is sufficient.The cable within the mat cannot be cut so don’t order too big a mat. If in doubt, please give us a call on 01932 769990

Kits may comprise of 2 or more mats. Mats are approximately 0.5m wide

* Always check suitability of flooring before ordering, 

The European Rayoflex Mat is self adhesive, making it much easier to install when compared to cheaper mats which need to be taped down
 Install Service:
For those who prefer to leave it to the experts we also offer a full installation service by our team of experienced, certified electrical installers. To find out more click here
To find out what our existing customers think about our underfloor heating mats scroll down, find the kit size you are interested in and click on the stars
Thermostat Image

Upgrade to the New Heatmiser NeoStat-e for only £29.99 (inc VAT) and reduce your running costs

  • The Ultimate Energy Saving Thermostat - can reduce running costs substantially *
  • Control from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet *
  • Easy to program
  • Excellent build quality - visible when compared to alternative thermostats
  • Available in Arctic White, Sapphire Black, and Platinum Silver

Upgrades can be added at checkout

* Some functions only available when paired with the optional Neohub

Why Rayotec?

Rayotec Ltd is a family run company with over 27 years of experience in the heating industry and now in its 2nd generation. We take care to source the highest quality products and offer our customers the best possible value. The Rayoflex High Power Sticky Mat is an advanced foil cable heating mat with an innovative German design for using directly under carpet, laminate, engineered and most real wood flooring. The reliability and value of our mats have led them to be selected for many high profile commercial projects including major projects for developers such as Barratt Homes & Weston Homes and Manchester Town Hall. 

The high build quality of the Rayoflex mat is highlighted by the stitched cable. Rather than it being glued or taped to the foil the cable is woven through the foil matting making it much more robust and flexible and when combined with the fully adhesive backing means that the mat lies much flatter, giving a smoother finish.

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