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Is my house suitable?

Orientation of roof

The best orientation is directly South, but East and West facing roofs are also excellent and can have outputs of only 15% less than the perfect south facing roof.

The shallower the pitch of the roof the less important the orientation is. Therefore a very shallow pitched roof facing north may be perfectly acceptable.


The best pitch is typically between 30 and 45 degrees. The minimum angle for the panels is 10 degrees. We can install on flat roof but using a custom built frame to get the preferred angle (typically between 10-30 degree).


Shading of the panels should be avoided if possible.

Space on roof

There needs to be sufficient space on the roof for the panels. Our smallest system takes up about 8m2 of space.

Structurally sound roof.

The solar panels are not heavy but the roof needs to be strong enough to take the extra weight.

Conservation area and listed buildings 

Although most councils are very pro solar some buildings may need planning permission or building consent. Rayotec employ planning consultants to help us to get permission to have solar panels installed.>

Energy Efficiency

To get the highest level of the feed in tariff solar incentive you have to have a minimum EPC rating of D. This is currently over 50% of the households in the UK. If you fail to get this grading we can suggest simple changes (ie loft or cavity insulation) that can dramatically improve your rating.

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