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Home Energy System

by on September 7th, 2012

Hello Smart Home

29% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from residential properties.
Customers want smart, simple ways to control the energy they use in their homes. At the start of 2011 energy prices rose 9%, this trend is likely to continue.

Rayotec’s Home Energy System is built to work with existing heating and hot water systems and new boiler installations. It also provides best-in-class monitoring of renewable energy systems like solar PV panels. We are revolutionising the way people use energy by allowing them to tell their homes exactly what they need and when they need it.

47% of householders don’t know how to programme their current heating system*. 80% of homes in the UK don’t have basic heating controls at all.

Rayotec’s Home Energy System makes it easy. Householders simply tell the system their weekly routine and preferences once and then they can forget about it. If their plans do change they can use their  iPhone app and our smart technology has the heating and hot-water ready for them when they get back. Not hours before or even worse, hours later.

PassivEnergy - Hello Smart Home






 1) Heating Control

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that the way we use energy in the home is long-overdue a revolution. When so many areas of our lives have got better, cheaper and easier as a result of smart technology, why do we still manage our heating using clunky thermostats and impossible to understand boiler controls?
Advanced Heating Control
PassivEnergy does all the things a modern heating controller can do – and a lot more besides.

  • Optimum start turns on the heating only when it is needed, and over time it will learn when to turn it up and down to get the temperature just right, just-in-time.
  • Temperature smoothing carefully manages temperatures so your house doesn’t get too warm or too cold.
  • Weather compensation allows the system to adjust itself based on outside temperature.
  • PassivSystems’ Occupancy buttons offer an immediate ‘on/off’ override of the entire system for when people leave late or get home early.

2) Our smart hot water controls make sure you only heat the water you need

  • If a house has a well-insulated water tank, our system will choose the best time to heat the water based on boiler efficiency and cost savings (often when your home is being heated).
  • If a hot water tank is less well insulated, our system monitors the tank using sensors and learns when the customers use hot water and how much they need. Then, the system works out when to start heating hot water so it is ready just in time, significantly reducing the energy waste that comes from heating the same water twice.
  • If people go away on holiday, they can let Rayotec’s Home Energy System know in advance. As well as all the other energy saving features this will trigger, Advanced Hot Water Control will stop heating their water. It will also make sure there is a full tank of hot water for when they return.

PassivEnergy - Hot Water Control

3) Carry your home in your pocket

The Rayotec’s Home Energy System iPhone app puts consumers in control wherever they are, ensuring that a change in plans doesn’t result in energy waste. Our popular app lets users check the temperature of their home in real time. They can also over-ride their pre-programmed heating schedule. And if plans change beyond 24 hours, they can set a short vacation period and make sure the home is ready for them when they step back through the front door.

Please note that users must have our smart boiler heating controls installed and subscribe to our remote service for the iPhone app to work.

4) Solar PV monitoring. Enjoy the sunshine

The way people monitor their solar PV panels is the difference between an investment fully realised and an investment exposed to unnecessary risk.

Our solar PV Broadband service lets you monitor your solar PV system in near real time through  our online monitoring dashboard. The regularity of the data feed means you can evaluate not only what your system is generating, but whether it is suffering from intermittent faults – something you simply don’t get with monitoring solutions providing data less often. It is the ultimate ‘peace of mind’ package for homeowners.

PassivEnergy - Solar PV

5) Smart Switching

When your Solar PV system generates more electricity than your home uses, the Switching solution can automatically switch on your electric immersion heater, making the best use of surplus electricity by storing it as hot water. Even better, you can wirelessly control your other household electrical appliances with a click of a button on your in-home display.

PassivController Smart Switching

Special Offer

Currently we are providing the Rayotec Home Energy System at discounted prices when bought with one of our PV systems. Although this offer is for a limited time, it is always valid for at least  14 days after the site visit of or sales surveyor to give customers the time to make an informed decision. The discount is available to every domestic PV customer irrespective of postcode, region, date, house type.


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