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Rayotec Reaching New Heights at the O2 Arena Roofwalk!

by on July 31st, 2012

The O2 Roofwalk tourist attraction is now powered by solar thanks to the completion of a 23kWp system installed by Rayotec.

O2 Arena, Greenwich installs solar at new tourist attraction.
New tourist attraction, Up at the O2, is now powered by solar PV.

The new tourist attraction ‘Up At the O2 is based at the O2 Arena Greenwich, and allows visitors to walk the length of the dome 170ft above ground level, via a walkway suspended over its canopy. An observation platform enables climbers to enjoy spectacular 360-degree views of the capital and its many landmarks – which now includes 98 Jetion Solar PV panels on both the North and South pavilions on the dome!

O2 Area Roofwalk installs solar PV
Jetion Solar PV panels at the O2 Roofwalk

Carry on reading for information about the design and installation process.

The system

The O2 building, a well known London landmark and one of the world’s most individual contemporary structures required:

8160kWh’s and 4136kg CO2 saving on the North Pavilion

9520kWh’s and 5036kg CO2 saving on the South Pavilion

Both new developments were designed as the entry and exit building for the new dome roofwalk which had to be completed a month before the arrival of the 2012 Olympics tourists.With both the North and South Pavilion of the O2 building having great visual impact, the panels would be seen on ground level and from above on the newly developed roofwalk.  It was therefore essential that the solar design fitted to the strict O2 design requirements and be aesthetically pleasing.

Design for Solar Installation at O2 Arena Roofwalk

The O2 Project was sub contracted to us by ISG Construction Ltd in May 2012.  Once winning the project, with only 2 weeks before starting works and only 2 weeks to complete, we were supplied with the final roof drawings; a design that was different to what was originally provided to us -the original design of the “saw tooth” roof was such that created great shading issues.  It meant that to achieve the specified requirements, a greater number of panels would be required, which simply, the available roof space would not allow meaning the system would need to be re-designed with the involvement of Rayotec solar engineers. After great works on SAP and structural advice, the solution included a change in the angle of the saw tooth roof to 10 degrees and a different panel model.  According to SAP, these new changes meant that both the kWhrs and CO2 saving were achieved in line with the specifications.

O2 roofwalk design Side elevation
O2 Roofwalk Design – Side Elevation

The installation

Once the system was designed to the correct specifications, we then had the task of completing the installation and commissioning the system within two weeks, which our superstar engineers did with even several days to spare!

Rayotec’s Happy Engineers After the O2 Roofwalk PV Installation!

Such a famous UK landmark that sources some of its energy from renewables, will display to the world that UK businesses are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and doing their part for sustainable energy for the future. The O2 with its enormous entertainment facilities and restaurants and therefore high electricity consumption, has always been a building design that is keen to raise awareness about sustainability whether it be from recycling or through its newest addition – renewable energy. This PV system will be seen by millions who visit the dome from all over the world and advertise that UK is doing their part for a green future.

Jetion Solar PV panels at O2 Roofwalk Site

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