Energy Efficiency

Storage heaters are often energy inefficient. Several factors contribute towards this:

  1. Heat leakage at night when you don’t want it
  2. Change of plans the next day when you have already charged your storage heater
  3. Lack of understanding of the controls
  4. Storage heaters incorrectly sized
  5. Forgetting to turn it on at night and having no heat in the morning
  6. Forgetting to turn it off when the next day is forecasted to be warm
  7. Daytime Electricity is more expensive than a standard tariff with Economy 7 meaning that boosting your heating during the day can be expensive.

The Rayotec Proactive Heaters over comes many of these problems and can help you use less energy.


Traditional storage heaters have a bulky, old fashioned design and are often an eyesore. The Rayotec Proactive Radiators have a slimline, compact modern design. 

Instant Heat

The Rayotec Proactive Radiators provide instant heat while the fireclay core can store heat and gently release it as radiant heat.

PV compatible

As Proactive radiators can draw energy during the day they can take advantage of free PV generated electricity.

Economy 7

Any energy drawn by the Proactive Radiators during the Economy 7 Period will be charged at lower rate. (subject to the household being on that tariff)


 Traditional Storage Heaters

 Proactive Radiators

 Energy Efficiency

 Often Poor Excellent


 Poor Excellent

 Instant Heat

 Often No Yes


 Bulky, Ugly Design Slimline and Modern

 Economy 7 Compatible

 Yes Yes

 PV Compatible

 No Yes


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