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Lighting solutions

Who are Rayotec?

With 28 years of experience of both domestic and commercial projects, at Rayotec we offer a second to none range of experiences within the re-lamping market. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of services, and understand your need to ensure all health and safety criteria are met. We have a history of being trusted and serving some off the UK's largest commercial companies (ie Gatwick Airport, Royal Navy, Body Shop, HSBC and many more).

NICEIC Approved Contractor

With our NICEIC "Approved Contractor" registration you can rest assured with us fulfilling all your lighting requirements. We are able to re-lamp existing fittings, offer energy efficient alternatives or supply you with most modern solutions such as LED. As a commercial lighting contractor we have partnerships with all the UK's top lighting manufacturers offering materials and products of the highest quality at very competitive prices. 

Free Survey

We offer a free of charge survey of your property and will produce specific and cost effective re-lamping recommendations, including for more energy efficient options with short payback periods.

Keeping Control of your Lighting

Rayotec only use High Frequency control gear. The benefits include:

  • Potential reduction in running costs
  • Flick free start - Extending the lifespan of your lamps
  • Automatic shut down on failed lamps
  • Silent operation
  • Reduced maintenance due to all in one design


Adding modern and sophisticated automation solutions to your lighting system can result in large reductions in running costs simply by only lighting an area when it's needed

Automation options include:

  • Dawn to Dusk Sensors
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Daylight Sensors


Fluorescent lighting is a day to day lighting solution: it's easy to control, cheap to buy, but expensive to operate. However, running costs can be reduced easily in two ways:

  1. Use different types of fluorescent lamps. By replacing your current fluorescent lamps with modern, more efficient versions you can save over 25% in running costs. There is often no need to change any of the fittings and the increase in material costs is minimal.
  2. Improve the control gear and put modern and sophisticated automation systems in place.

Metal Halide

Metal halide lamps can be used to replace standard sodium lamps typically found in factories and warehouses. It is easy to retrofit metal halide lamps in the existing fittings of sodium lamps and they can last longer, helping to save on re-lamping costs. They produce a clean, fresh white light which is closer in nature to natural sunlight while standard sodium bulbs produce a murky yellow light. There are now also energy efficient metal halide lamps available. Upgrading to an energy efficient lamp can give reduction in running costs of around 20%, with a short payback of about 2 years.


LED's are the most advanced technology available in the lighting market as it can offer up to 80% savings in your running costs. As LED has a very long life expectancy, maintenance costs are also decreased. Although material costs can be higher, the multiple benefits that LED offers could well suit your business needs. Rayotec can give you professional advice on whether LED is the correct choice for your premises.

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Our membership of MCS and RECC only applies to our renewable products