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Kits Include:

  • High performance 100% sticky Cable Mat 150 W/m2
  • 1 x Upgrade to Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat (further upgrade available at checkout)
  • 1 x Commercial strength UFH tape
  • 1x Fast Fix Spray
  • 1 x Floor Probe Conduit
  • 1 x Free next day delivery

Your underfloor heating system can be purchased in 2 simple steps!
  • 1 Choose what size and quantity of kits you would like to purchase.
  • 2 Choose the thickness and quantity of insulation rolls you require.

How do I know which size mat to order?

Measure the available exposed floor space in your room. It is advised that you purchase a system which allows 80-90% coverage. For example, if your room measures 15m2 , you would purchase the 13m2 Mat.

If a room is of an awkward shape with many fixtures in the centre of the room, it is advised that you purchase a system that allows approximately 80% coverage.

Kits covering more than 10m2 may comprise of 2 or more mats.

Separate mat for multiple rooms.

Please note that it is not advised to use one mat for multiple rooms. It is important that each room has its own mat and thermostat for easy control of the system. Open plan rooms can be on a single thermostat as long as the area of matting is less than 24m 2 . If a room has 2 different final floor coverings then 2 separate thermostats should be used.

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Item Specifications

Size (m2): 10.0
Power (W): 1500
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