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Rayotec Loose Kit

Kits Include:

  • High performance Loose Cable 
  • 1 x Free Upgrade to a Programmable Touch-screen Thermostat (further upgrades are available at check-out)
  • 1 x Commercial strength UFH tape
  • 1 x Floor Probe Conduit
  • 1 x Free next day delivery* 

Suitable insulation is important for getting the best efficiency from your underfloor heating - Don't forget to add it at checkout

Your underfloor heating system can be purchased in 2 simple steps!
  • 1 Choose the size and quantity of kits that you require and add any insulation or thermostat upgrades as necessary.
  • 2  Proceed to check out and complete the billing and shipping details.

  • How do I know which size to order?

Measure the available exposed floor space in your room. We recommend that you choose a system which covers 85-90% of this free floor area. For example, if your room measures 15m2 , you would purchase the 12-13.8m2 loose cable kit. If you are at all unsure, please get in touch by phone, 01932 784848, or send us a message.

Kits covering more than 14m2 may comprise of 2 or more mats.

Separate kits for multiple rooms.

Please note that it is not advised to use one kit for multiple rooms. It is important that each room has its own kit and thermostat for easy and more accurate control of the system. Open plan rooms can be on a single thermostat as long as the area heated is less than 24m2. If a room has 2 different final floor coverings then 2 separate thermostats must be used.

Customer Reviews

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GAIL ROWLEY-GOODALL Posted on 10 Aug 2016 Purchased on 10 Aug 2016
Good points:
My partner is an engineer and our friend is an electrician so it was all very easy.
Bad points:
The instruction manual didn't seem to be in the pack but it was emailed over to us really quickly
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Item Specifications

Area (m2): 0, 0.8-1.0, 1.4-1.7, 2.0-2.3, 3.0-3.6, 5.4-6.2, 7.0-8.0, 12.0-13.8
Power (W): 0, 300, 132, 216, 468, 756, 1032, 1860
Length (m): 0, 11, 18, 25, 39, 63, 86, 15.5
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