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Rayotec Limited is a government accredited company that specialises in reducing domestic and commercial fuel bills. We were established 25 years ago and have won multiple awards for our achievements. We only install the best energy saving technologies to ensure our customers achieve the highest possible savings. As well as the thousands of happy customer we have many well known commercial clients.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number:638245).This only applies to our products bought using finance.
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Solar PV

PV systems capture the suns energy and convert it to electricity. These panels don't need direct sunlight to work -- they can still generate electricity on a cold and cloudy day. The panels convert the sunlight into electricity, which can used to run household appliances and lighting. 

 Solar PV is a great investment with high returns in the first year and only increasing thereafter. Not only will it help you to save on energy bills and protect you against rising fuel prices, it will also generate a tax free income through the government's feed in tariff payments.

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems produce hot water for your home using the energy of the sun. New vacuum solar panels work with light, not heat, allowing them to work all year round and even on cold, windy and cloudy days.

The solar panels can produce up to 70% of your hot water requirements and there is new Governmental incentive with tax free income for 7 years!

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Heat Pumps

The Rayotec Air Source Heat pump replaces your current oil or LPG boiler and works by absorbing heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators,underfloor heating systems and produce hot water fro your home.

The air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air even when the temperature is as low as -20C. Heat Pumps require little maintenance and are much more reliable than traditional boilers.

We also install heat pumps specially designed to heat indoor or outdoor pools.

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Electric Underfloor Heating

Rayotec Ltd has a range of underfloor heating kits suitable for under tiles, carpet, wood, vinyl and amtico floor coverings. The friendly team at Rayotec will advise you throughout your project answering any technical queries and tell you exactly which underfloor heating system is best for you.

The Rayotec systems are extremely competitively priced and if you order before 1pm, orders will be with you next working day. Rayotec also sell directly to trade, so call our underfloor heating team to find out if your company is viable for special trade prices.

Whether you are doing a refurbishment, renovation, extension or new build, electric underfloor heating is an affective solution to heat your home. Running costs are also kept to a minimum by the element being installed directly under the flooring and with the digital programmable thermostat provided, the system will only switch on when the room is calling for

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Proactive Electric Radiators

The Rayotec Proactive Electric Radiators are slim, attractive and incorporate a fireclay core to provide comfortable heat. Their modern, easy to control, fully programmable controls and help save energy while allowing you to heat your home day or night.

They provide instant heat and overcome many of the problems of night storage heaters such as being too hot in the morning and too cold in the evening.

Rayotec provide full design and professional installation service including room by room heat loss calculations to ensure that you have sufficient heat even on the coldest of days.

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Our membership of MCS and RECC only applies to our renewable products