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Insulation for under heating mat with wooden floors or carpet

Palziv Insulation

Regardless of what floor finish you choose, insulation can help improve the efficacy of your underfloor heating giving you a better output from the mats and a quicker warm up time. Under wood, laminate and carpet flooring insulation is essential as it also protects the mat and ensure it lasts a long time. Palziv X-linked insulation is specially designed to work under laminate, engineered, real wood and carpet flooring and plays an important role in extending the life of your heating mat.

Palziv X-linked is manufactured from cross-linked closed polyethylene foam and:

  • is water repellent (i.e. rot and mould resistant).    
  • is sound insulating, creating a "quieter" floor to walk on.
  • has a softer feel under foot to wooden and carpeted floors adding to the impression of luxury.
  • requires a thinner carpet underlay without losing the impression of a thicker, more expensive one.
  • is up to 50% faster to install when compared to conventional board insulation.

Palziv X-linked insulation is available in two roll sizes; 10m2 and 20m2. They are extremely light and easy to work with and can also be cut by just a pair of scissors!

 Please note that Palziv X-linked insulation is not suitable insulation for wooden or carpet flooring that must be stuck down.

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