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Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit 

For Under Tiles, Vinyl, Amtico & Karndean

This year we have introduced the Next Generation Elite mat to our range of complete mat kits. This unique mat    provides the best of German engineering  and quality. We believe it is the best mat on the market today and offers thebest value for money. 

Watch our video to discover what makes the Elite mat the top choice

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The Webtech range is perfect for bonded floors, for floating floors such as Laminate or Engineered Wood check out our Rayoflex & Rayomax Mat Kits.

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Best Buy - Electric Underfloor Heating for Under Tiles, Vinyl & Amtico


  • Unique, slim line integrated cold connector
  • Fully self-adhesive mats for smoothest possible finish
  • Made in Germany - Award Winning Product
Great Value - Electric Under Floor Heating for Under Tiles, Vinyl & Amtico


  • Brand new range for 2020
  • Great quality kits at low prices 
  • Easy to install, Fully sticky mats.
High Power -Electric Under Floor Heating Heating for Under Tiles, Amtico & Karndean


    • Designed to heat the hard to heat rooms
    • Superior build quality for a great price
    • Easy to install, Fully sticky mats


Choosing the Webtech Elite mat can save you money! 

Did you know that, by using the Elite mat, you can make considerable savings in the amount of self-levelling compound you require?  A completely flat surface is essential for tiled or vinyl floors so a self-levelling compound is often poured over the mats to create this. The flatter your underfloor heating is, the less self-levelling compound you need to cover it.

Why do you use less self levelling compound when using the Elite mat?

(1) Sticky mats (lay much flatter)

Elite Cold Connector from Underfloor Heating MatCrossNearly all other mats use 3 integrated strips of tape to stick them down but the areas of mat without tape can float in the liquid self-levelling compound so you need extra to cover the mat. 

tickWebtech Elite is fully adhesive meaning that the whole mat sticks down so it lies flatter and won’t float in the self- levelling compound thereby reducing the amount you need to cover it.

(2) Thinner connector

CrossOther mats have a bulky, shrink wrapped ‘cold connector’ linking the power cable to the cable in the mat and increasing the amount of self-levelling compound you need to cover it. 
tickWebtech Elite has a unique integrated ‘cold connector’, i.e. one continuous thin cable, so there's no bulky shrink-wrap to cover. 

Reasons why using less self levelling  compound is better: (1) Lower material costs, (2) lower floor heights and (3) less labour time.

Our video at the top of this page clearly shows how using the Elite mat can save you money on your installation costs.

Which Mat Suits You Best?

Webtech Elite (Sticky)

Webtech Sticky 150W

Webtech Sticky 200W

150W/m2 150/m2 200W/m2
Primary Heating
(Room with standard heat-loss)
Yes Yes Yes
Fixing Method
100% Sticky Mesh (flattest possible method) 100% Sticky Mesh (flattest possible method)
100% Sticky Mesh (flattest possible method)
Cold Connector
Fully Integrated (Latest Technology) Standard Shrink Wrapped Standard Shrink Wrapped
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Why Choose Rayotec?

We are a family run business, now in its 2nd generation operating for nearly 30 years. We source the highest quality mats from around Europe and our experienced team offer exceptional technical support and a detailed design service with the care that only comes from a family run company. We can offer personalised, specialist support at every stage of your underfloor heating project. Find out more about Rayotec...

Webtech Elite:

The Webtech Elite integrated connector Heating Mat is the next generation of heating mat. Straight out of Germany, the high tech design of the mat was originally created for the chemically aggressive, and potentially explosive, environment of offshore oil rigs and chemical plants for which the standard shrink wrapped connection was unsuited. This superior high performance underfloor heating mat gives installers a flatter surface resulting in a more even floor finish.

  • The fully integrated cold connector makes it 50% thinner than shrink-wrapped connectors, negating the need to carve into your subfloor to make space for a bulky connector
  • The cold and hot cable have the same diameter giving a more even mat across the floor
  • The premium mesh has a 100% sticky underside making easy to install and giving a flatter finish
  • It has a thin, fluoropolymer coated heating cable that you can tile directly on top of
  • Greater reliability and a more robust system
  • 16 Year Guarantee
  • Made in Germany

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Webtech Elite Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit

Webtech Sticky (150W/m2):

Our standard Webtech heating mat provides a great value heating solution for most home environments. These German engineered mats meet the same high standards that we insist upon with all of our electric underfloor heating systems and, when combined with our full range of services and a 16 year manufacturers guarantee offer an incredible low cost heating solution.

  • Self adhesive underside for easy installation
  • Thin heating cable so that you can tile directly on top
  • Made in Europe – Superior Build Quality
  • 16 Year Guarantee

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Webtech Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit

Webtech Sticky (200W/m2):

Some rooms need a little more help than others. In rooms where there is a higher heat loss, such as Conservatories and Orangeries, the 200W/m2 Webtech HP mat kit can give a little more oomph to get your room to its perfect ambient temperature.  It comes with a 16 year manufacturers guarantee.

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Installation -Under Tiles & Vinyl Flooring

How to Install Electric Underfloor Heating under Tiles
How to Install Electric Underfloor Heating Mats Under Vinyl, Karndean or Amtico

Installation Tips:

Top tip 1 - Preventing cracks in the tiles, adhesive and grout

A recently laid screed could shrink for months or possibly years after being laid. The stresses this causes will transmit themselves through to the brittle ceramic tiles. For large areas or if you are using a large tile, using an uncoupling membrane can help these shrinkage movements to “slide” beneath the tiles without cracking them. Otherwise using a flexible adhesive will help to overcome the stresses.

It is very important to use the right primer, adhesive and self-levelling compound. Always check the manufacturers guideline for suitability with subfloor, floor covering and use with underfloor heating. 

If you are tiling on a suspended wooden floor then you will need to first put down a layer of plywood. Your tile suppliers should be able to give you advice on the required thickness and the centres of the screws used.

Turning the system on too early can cause the adhesives and grout to crack. The adhesive can become dry and crumbly if the electric underfloor heating is turned on prematurely before it has had time to set so it is very important that the adhesive and grout is given time to fully cure before turning on the underfloor heating. The drying time differs depending on the manufacturer but we recommend at least 2 weeks.

Another possible cause of cracked tiles is 'Thermal Shock'. This can happen if the underfloor heating is turned up high too quickly. The temperature of the underfloor heating should be turned up gradually, over several days by just a couple of degrees each day to an absolute maximum of 27 degrees Celsius

Top tip 2 - Using more self-levelling compound than expected

With any flooring that needs to be stuck down, such as tiles, vinyl, Amtico or Kardean you need a completely flat surface to lay the final flooring on.  Therefore, a flexible self-levelling compound is a must to cover the heating mat to give a smooth finish. In order to minimise the amount of self-levelling compound needed, it is vitally important to make sure that the electric underfloor heating mat is as flat as possible and stuck down securely. The floor must be very clean before laying the mats and underfloor heating cloth tape (provided in our kits) an be used to tape down the edges for the flattest possible finish.

When installing under tiles, the thickness of the self-levelling used differs depending on the brand but should be at least 3 mm from the top of the heating element  . For under soft floor covering like Vinyl you will require more latex. Please check with the compound manufacturer for recommended height. 

Top tip 3 - Oops, I've damaged the wires during installation

The most common reason that electric underfloor heating mats don’t work is because they are damaged during installation. This can due to being nicked with a tiling trowel, a tile being dropped on them or from other trades walking on top of the unprotected mat.

Avoiding low quality mats with fragile heating cable should help to minimise the risk of future problems. The Webtech cable is about 3.5mm thick so it is more reliable and robust without loosing its low profile. Other means of minimising risk of damage to your underfloor heating mat is by using a plastic tooth comb to lay the tile adhesive rather than a metal trowel. Also try and keep the time between installing the electric underfloor heating and the final floor finish to a minimum so that the heat mats spend less time exposed.

If there is a delay between installing the mats and the final floor finish it is worthwhile either:

  • Sectioning the area off to prevent traffic
  • Cover the mats with a suitable self-levelling compound. (We use Weber.floor flex in most situations)
  • Cover the mats with protective boards.

Important: Always do a resistance test just before laying the tiles to ensure that they have not been damaged.

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